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Low Cost Housing Project

Middle class families cannot afford the total housing costs for houses which are above their median income. This is where low cost housing projects provide an answer to the demand from middle class families for affordable housing. However, due to the dearth in supply of decent, affordable housing for middle income families, there is a huge gap in terms of supply and demand.

Magnum Opus is in the process of setting up low cost housing to cater to the huge demand for affordable housing by building 1500 independent low cost housing units. Magnum Opus is set to play a pioneering role in making available quality housing options that are available and affordable for Indian middle class families.

Windmill Farm

Magnum Opus is looking to harness the potential of India’s wind power through a windmill farm on 100 acres of land. The short gestation periods for installing wind turbines, and the increasing reliability and performance of wind energy machines has made wind power a favored choice for capacity addition in India.

In India, installed capacity of wind power is spread mainly across Tamil Nadu, Maharastra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Orissa and West Bengal. Tamil Nadu is the state with the most wind generating capacity: 6007 MW constituting almost 47% of the total capacity of India.

We are looking to make the most of this wind generating capacity with our wind farm spread over 100 acres. Magnum Opus is set to play a part of India’s $2 billion clean energy program which provides tax breaks for establishing fields of wind turbines in the area.

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